We are proud to work with numerous artists and institutions to capture artworks crafted in a wide variety of mediums. Everything from canvass paintings, ceramics, and wood sculpture, to collectable art books and limited-edition art objects. We also work with performance and conceptual artists to realize images that capture the profound meanings of works that aren't primarily visual. 


Timothy Linn

Linn's career spanned decades and incorporated two and three dimensional works utilizing every kind of media he could get his hands on. From delicate graphite drawings, to monolithic wood sculptures and fifteen-foot canvasses, his archive presented an incredible variety of challenges for digital imaging, but we were able to find solutions that kept true to both the medium and concept of every piece. Working together with his estate and gallerist, we were able to efficiently archive his life's work for the appreciation of generations to come. 

Illona Granet

Illona is an artist who contacted us about her recent foray into commissioned signage. Her illuminated manuscript is a behemoth 4' piece with incredibly detailed illustrations incorporated throughout. We worked together to shoot a complete image of the work as well as numerous detail shots showing off her craftsmanship. 

Silas Finch

A high-end artbook publisher based in New York, Silas Finch published limited edition art objects for incredibly discerning buyers. Pictured above is their limited edition box of Brian Schumaat's "Grays The Mountain Sends". We worked together to capture the book with an 'underproduced' look that compliments the natural tones of the images and their steel and wood container.  

Weinberg/Newton Gallery

This group show presented a number of technical challenges that were met by addressing the space and artworks with the appropriate techniques to capture them each in exacting detail. The multimedia works, including digital and analogue projection, as well as video LCD screens, were captured to exhibit the true-to-life lighting of the installation—an atmosphere that was important to preserve as a record of the artists’ works.

Angeliki Chaido Tsoli

Angeliki is a Greek performance artist whose work involves public actions and performances. Using a tire to elaborate upon her central metaphor of "balance" we choose several sites, including her studio, to shoot collaborative portraits that are emblematic of the durational actions she performs before live audiences. Together we were able to distill her gestures into photographs that may be considered archival works of their own.  

Violet Luczak

For "Products of Experience"2017, Violet first commissioned a series of 'white backdrop' images, but then decided to expand the project to create narrative vignettes from a selection of those works. Above you can see the original images we shot for archival purposes alongside the colorful narratives we later collaborated on. Coming from a background in studio installation photography, I was able to help Violet realize her vision to create these scenes from scratch, which helped to contextualize the work for a broader audience. 

Juan Carlos Hererra

Juan commissioned a highly-involved technical shoot to capture his untitled performance piece (2017). Using props, lighting equipment, multiple stages of composition, and a lot of patience, we were able to create an image that lived up to the vision and concept of his practice. It was a delightful challenge to create an image saturated with queer, colonial, racial, and other historical meanings, all ultimately captured in a style mimicking Pre-Raphaelite paintings. 

Raquel Rosen 

Raquel is a Hollywood FX makeup artist who needed images of her work for an interview with a Chicago-based Magazine. To create the right atmosphere, we used a full studio-portrait equipment setup to focus the light on the model's face, intentionally darkening the hair and costume to draw attention to the meticulous silicone sculpture she developed for her face. 

The Newberry Consort

This eclectic ensemble enlisted a trio of performers to stage an intimate concert for Chicago's discerning classical music listeners. The dim stage lighting, quiet atmosphere, and full crowd meant that discretion, opportunism, and competent image processing were all required to capture images of their set design, costuming, and ensemble.  

Kevin Whitenir 

Kevin contacted me to shoot the singular performance of his thesis work, "A Queer Witches Sabbath," performed in the ballroom of the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. With demandingly-dim lighting conditions, and one opportunity to capture the 4-minute performance on camera, we were pleased to deliver a selection of images that feature the advanced choreography, costuming, and minimal set design as well. 

Biennale de Architectura, Venice

An international group show of 20 artists and designers, this show presented practical limitations, not being able to travel with bulky lighting equipment, and working in a rush to shoot the space before the opening of the Biennale. Nonetheless, we were able to capture the artists work individually, and the space as a whole, and soon thereafter got to enjoying the ancient city and the other exhibitions on view.