How I Work

     I like to work with artists one-on-one to ensure that the images best capture the spirit and meaning of your artworks. I use a fully color-calibrated workflow to capture a detailed and accurate image of your work, ensuring that digital and print reproductions are representative of the real life artwork. But in certain cases, only you know how much blue is mixed into your black or how red your browns are. Some digital files require subtle adjustments to faithfully represent your artwork, so I adapt my process to each unique artist and situation. 

Our Work / Your Work

     After assessing the unique requirements of your artworks, we use specially tailored equipment to capture detailed and accurate images of your work. After making color corrections and applying any additional services to your images, we send you links to download images rendered to your specifications. 


     The service is priced according to your needs. You are quoted a price based on the quantity of works, their size, medium and the final deliverable requirements that you request. A general guideline is $200 per hour and/or $150 per deliverable image, however, pricing varies significantly by project, so please email me for a quote. Discount rates are available for students. 


  • Imaging of flat, three, and four-dimensional works

  • Color correction

  • Installations

  • Imaging through glass

  • Large size pieces

  • Grids

  • Reflective surfaces

  • Capture with strobe or daylight viewing light

  • Simulation of different lighting sources

  • Shooting down

  • Hi-Res lossless and online image delivery

  • Quick turnaround

  • Shoot on location in your studio or gallery

  • Printed Reproductions

  • Sizing for web

Extra Services (Priced Hourly)

  • Silhouetting

  • Stitching two or more images together

  • Restoration

  • Retouching surface blemishes

  • Archive Consultation


  • I work out of a photo studio or at your studio/gallery/home, wherever is easiest to capture your work.

Setup for medium sized floor and wall shoot.

Setup for medium sized floor and wall shoot.


I only want to shoot a single piece, is that possible?
    Yes. A single artwork is easy and affordable to capture, but the price is based on time to setup, location, and any extra services that you request. Please contact me for a quote. 

My installation is delicate and difficult to handle. I might need help putting it up in your studio?
    Bringing a helper will ease the process when putting up an installation.

My work is highly reflective. How do you deal with reflections?
    I use polarizing filters to block reflected light.

My work is mixed media with video. Is that difficult to shoot?
     I will take multiple exposures of the piece and layer them together in photoshop to create an evenly exposed final.

I have multiple components that make up my one piece. Is it the same cost for shooting one piece?  
    The time needed to install is time taken away from shooting other work. Please inquire about your specific needs.

Could you shoot a portrait of me with my work in my studio?
    Yes. I enjoy working on portraits. My work can be seen at

Do you shoot on location, installations or in artist’s studios?
    Yes. Please inquire about the price.

What is parking like at your studio?    
    There are numerous parking garages in the vicinity. Please inquire about the details.

Do you have a special price for Students?
    Yes, students get a fixed and discounted rate.